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Nov 11: We're now looking at web based APIs.

Oct 10: Second FT Year startd


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The web has changed how we look for information; how we buy, sell, advertise, even how we keep in touch with friends and family. It has given rise to new industries, and new working patterns. Becoming a master of web computing makes a statement that you will not only take part in the future, but that you intend to take a leading role.

This course will be of interest to students wishing to become MSc qualified Web specialists; to gain both practical experience and theoretical insight into the Web, and to equip themselves for immediate entry into senior Internet related careers.

The main advantages points of the MSc Web Computing are that it will develop a balance of theoretical and practical web skills required in the business and enterprise context.

MSc Web Computing may be differentiated from similar courses as it includes a mixture of technical, and business oriented modules. Often web based programmes are purely technical, ignoring the business elements and awareness that is essential for a high profile enterprise position.

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